Agriculture & Aquaculture

If you run an agribusiness, you know how important it is that your lawyers have an understanding not only of the industry but also of the political and economic climate in which you operate. It’s also crucial they understand the political and environmental factors that come into play in both agriculture and aquaculture.

This means that you need lawyers who grasp the particular challenges your business faces and, through their astute legal advice, help ensure it remains competitive and profitable. They also need to understand the complex regulatory framework under which you operate.

Whether you are a primary producer involved in agriculture or aquaculture, or operate further down the supply chain, in processing, or as a wholesaler, distributor, or exporter, at Stanton & Stanton we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with pragmatic and cost-effective legal advice.

We have experience in:

Finally, if your business is a family business, we can assist with issues relating to trusts, corporate structures and succession issues.