Q&A with Kenneth Stanton

Why did you set up Stanton & Stanton?

We wanted a firm where the focus wouldn’t be on billing in six-minute units. Instead, it would be about building long-term relationships with our clients and getting a detailed understanding of their broader commercial objectives. I’m not interested in charging clients for every telephone call or for reading every email relevant to their matter that lands in my inbox. I don’t want my clients to be frightened to talk to me because it is going to cost them a fortune.

At Stanton & Stanton, because we don’t face pressure from a large partnership demanding huge profits, we have created a firm where we can actually enjoy practising law, and don’t need to charge clients for the time we take to understand their business objectives or the commercial environment in which they operate.

Why would a client choose Stanton & Stanton over another firm?

First up, it’s the unique expertise and experience that our team possesses. My background, for example, working for a top-tier law firm provided me with the analytical tools to dissect matters and transactions. This ensures that clients always receive exceptional legal advice.

Second, we’re imaginative lawyers, which means that we have the ability to come up with out-of-the box solutions for our clients. Third, we’ve put together a team of exceptional lawyers, all of whom have been with us since they were graduates. This means that, as a firm, we’re extremely efficient in the way we operate.

What do you offer clients that other firms don’t?

As I see it, being a lawyer is not just about being a good legal technician, it is about taking into account the commercial environment in which your client operates. This often involves looking ahead and anticipating what might happen. It is our job to prepare for all possible scenarios from a legal perspective. At Stanton & Stanton, because we don’t have massive overheads, we don’t have to charge clients for learning about their business and their business objectives.

What makes Stanton & Stanton different from other firms?

All our lawyers are committed to communicating the law to you in a clear and succinct way. We don’t play games, and we don’t try to baffle you with legal terms that you’re unfamiliar with. We see it as our job to explain the law and your options in a way you can understand. If we don’t manage to do that, I think we’ve failed as lawyers and, for me, that is unacceptable.

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