Taxation, Stamp Duty & Asset Protection

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

Benjamin Franklin

In the face of such certainty, at Stanton & Stanton, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with effective taxation advice and solutions. Tax law is not only complex but constantly changing, which means that almost every personal or financial decision you make has tax implications. As a result, whether you own a business or you are a high-net-worth individual, it is essential to ensure that your financial affairs are structured effectively from the outset, in order to protect your assets.

We believe that tax planning is central to ensuring that your business generates wealth, as well as enabling you to remain competitive, both locally and globally. Due to anti-tax-avoidance provisions within legislation at both the state and federal level, you need expert advice. Your tax planning also needs to interlock with a sound business and financial plan. We provide tax law advice in the following areas:

  • Income tax;
  • Capital gains tax;
  • Goods and services tax;
  • Stamp duty;
  • Land tax;
  • Payroll tax;
  • Excise duties; and
  • Wine equalisation tax.

We can also provide advice on the tax implications for the following: